Venitta McCall Project (Fall 2016)


Venitta McCall (vmccall)

I took over the director of clinical experiences position. Currently there are a ton of google docs and jot forms and it is a mess.  I used FileMaker Pro years ago and Pam Lowery had a “server” dedicated to my use.  The server was a PC in her office in the basement of Trinkle.  I’m sure things are different but I don’t know the software stuff. I know I have to have better control over what I need to do that google docs with 20+ columns and jot forms with stuff that is just not needed.

I need to think through what I need that can work and not be so cumbersome  – I need to be able to make a few key strokes and get data that is current.  the current google docs and jot forms that I inherited are cumulative – just semester upon semester of stuff – not needed stuff.

I’m looking forward to some organizational help.  You know I have done this before (twice actually) and I have a lot of data points (not sure that is the correct word) like keeping track of students who have done practicum  and the options of practicum include 50+ elementary schools in grades 1-5, stuff like that.

This is a one of the forms that is a disaster

Then here is another:

that is just too cumbersome –  I don’t need all schools in VA but do need all schools in stafford, spotsyvania, fredericksburg and room for the 1 or 2 to write in that I have  students assigned to in Prince william/faquier/etc.

Yes I want a drop down thing for students to choose.

I need an efficient way for students to sign up for practicum. Then I know what they need to assign for the current semester.

Is there a way to “transfer” data from a completed practicum database for jane doe into the student teaching application?