UMW Training Program


George Greene

Director of Strength and Conditioning

He is currently responsible for training 22 of our varsity athletic teams. A big part of his time is spent designing training programs and printing them so the athletes have a hard copy during training sessions. There are a few mobile and online apps that allow you to go paper free and provide workouts to the athletes through their phone or computer but the cost is high. A good example is   He is looking to get a program via a responsible website.

He would need two types of login: Admin and Student. The training programs would be broken down by sports and when the admin want to assign a training program an email would be sent to the entire team so that they would log into their account and the training program would be there for them to check off as they complete it.   He could send 1 training session up to 2 months worth of training at one time. Before an athlete would start the days training they would take a readiness quiz, for example

  • How many hours of sleep?
  • Did you eat breakfast (or how many meals have you eaten today)?
  • Do you have any injuries or pain?
  • How do you feel on a scale of 1 …10?

Their answers plus what they completed would be automatically updated and the admin would have an alert if anyone had any pain or injury otherwise the athlete’s data would just be updated in the database. If an athlete did not complete their daily training an alert would be sent to the admin.

As an administrator, they should be to create other administrators, add athletes as a batch using an excel spreadsheet and generate password email directly to user (First name, last name, sports, year, class and email), add in a single athlete, assign training sessions, create training session by checking off exercise that should be bundled, store specific workout for reuse, add exercise by muscle group, link to video or embed video into exercises or training sessions.

While George is responsible for 22 Teams he may only need to create 15 possible workouts some teams are group together such as Track, Swim, Cross Country both men and women train together.

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