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Fanya Morton ( &

Instructor, EDUC 305

I am a full time Math Specialist for King George County schools.  I have a desperate need for developing some sort of software that would enable me to provide my teachers with current data, crunched in specific ways to determine instructional goals.

Original Project Desceription

We had an excellent report that summarized SOL test data by item … collated by individual teacher, grade level, school, etc.  That report is no longer available to us, and it will cripple my ability to quickly target instructional gaps. .. .I can gather the data by doing pivot tables in excel, .. .but if someone could design a quick way to get that data crunched it would make a huge difference to my teachers, and ultimately to student achievement. . .

What is needed is a program that will important the excel file, create a database and then do data analysis on the data based on individual teacher, grade level, school, etc., interactively.

Updated Project Description

The SOL Data Analysis Project group consists of Tyler Weisbeck, Tyler Fuqua, and Torre Swope. Our client, Fanya Morton contacted Professor Pollack in order to obtain a piece of software that would help her analyze SOL Data. Fanya Morton is a full time Math Specialist for King George County Schools as well as an adjunct professor at the University Of Mary Washington. She used to have software provided by Pearson that summarized the SOL data; however, that is no longer available to her. In coordination with Professor Morton, the group has successfully developed user stories to describe the software that fits her needs. She is looking for a program that will enable her to upload a spreadsheet that contains all of the SOL data, store that information in a database, perform calculations and data analysis on the data, and then output the results in a pivot table and graphs. In regards to the excel spreadsheet, the user will be able to upload an excel spreadsheet, clear an excel spreadsheet, and gather the categories/attributes of the spreadsheet. User stories dealing with the pivot table are choose comparison, select calculation, calculate pivot table, show pivot table, and save pivot table. The last section of user stories regard graphs and charts and consist of select graphs and charts, construct graphs and charts, show graphs and charts, and save graphs and charts. The user stories that we have developed have been approved by Professor Morton and we plan to meet with her before we continue to the next phase.

Requirements Gathering Team

Fuqua, Tyler J.
Swope, Torre R.
Weisbeck, Tyler A.

Kim, Dong Wook
Fuqua, Tyler J.
Tracy, Kyle J.


Duncan Beavers
Peter Eliminimian
Tracy, Kyle J.

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