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Elizabeth Wade (

Adjunct Instructor in English

She teaches ENGL 312 course, the creative writing workshop in nonfiction. She’d like to have the students’ final project be an alternative tour guide of Fredericksburg, in which each student contributes an essay concerning a local place of interest.

Origianl Description

The project idea creates a website (has a back end and front end) that allows student submission based upon map locations and if a person access the map location based a website they can be told about essays that were submitted about that location.  Students would enter from a back-end pick a location and then add their information (get what information is needed from Professor Wade). Users would go to the website and see the intention of the website and a map with instructions. When they click the on the location to actually read the essay about it.

Updated Description:

Project Description:

Our project is to create a website to present Professor Wade’s creative writing workshop’s final project to create an essay tour guide of Fredericksburg. The students are to contribute an essay about the local area. The website will have a map of Fredericksburg with preset locations. Any user will be able to select a location to view an essay concerning that local place of interest. Users will have the option to view instructions and to go to a log in screen to sign in as a student or an administrator. Signed-in users may also change their password. The administrator can create and delete student accounts and map locations. Students can submit an essay and location for the administrator’s approval. All locations and essays must be approved by the administrator in order to be displayed in public.

Requirements Team

Beavers, Duncan A.
Kim, Dong Wook
Treacy, Ryan C.


Design/Implement Team

Laclede, Phillip R.
Treacy, Ryan C.
Swope, Torre R.


Laclede, Phillip R.
Roylando Toliver
Chris Roma

One thought on “Essay Tour Guide of Fredericksburg

  1. Hello!

    As students enrolled in Jennifer Polack’s Software Engineering course, we have been assigned to create the website you requested for the nonfiction creative writing workshop. We are excited to begin working with you to bring this idea to life. The project has been roughly interpreted as a website that allows students to view a map of Fredericksburg, select a labeled(or custom) location, and submit an essay associated with the selection. A collection of essays will be available for the locations that contain submissions. The website will include instructions how to use the map to upload and view essays.
    Additional instruction and questions are welcome, and we look forward to remaining in close contact during the project’s lifecycle. We will have more specific questions for you following our class on Wednesday. Feel free to contact any/all of us whenever you want.


    Duncan Beavers, Chris Kim, Ryan Treacy

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