Deborah A. O’Dell Project (Fall 2016)


Deborah A. O’Dell, Ph.D
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
540-654-1417 (Office)
540-654-1081 (FAX)

The IACUC is responsible for the humane use of all vertebrate animals which are used in teaching or research. All use is overseen by a committee which includes faculty, a veterinarian and an outside individual. All use of animals must be detailed and approved by the committee. The committee also inspects the facilities on campus where animals are kept, and deals with questions or problems which arise from the use of animals. All individuals who use or interact with animals are required to be trained in the appropriate procedures for humane care. For this they are directed to the CITES site as for certification with the IRB.

For the IACUC protocols people are required to fill out a form detailing what animals will be used, how the animals will be used, how many animals are used, where they will be housed, and how they will be disposed of. There is one basic form for use of lab animals, and one for the use of animals in the field. There are several appendices that need to be submitted depending on the actual project. These protocols are then evaluated by the IACUC and either approved, rejected, or sent back for modification if necessary for approval. These protocols are in place for 3 years, after which they are to be resubmitted for re-approval. I have attached copies of all the forms.
All the forms and materials should be accessible to the UMW community by way of the WEBsite

I have administrative access to this site.
I would like to have a database containing the following
1. Approved protocols with expiration dates.
2. Copies of facility inspection reports and annual reports (although the latter are posted on the Provost’s WEB site)
3. List of trained individuals with a copy of their certificate and a listing of any special animal modules they are trained in (rats, mice, zebrafish)
4. Total number of animals and type of animals being used, and location (Building and room number).

(I have a paper folder in which people are supposed to input the animals they’ve received as well as disposal date-one thing I would like to do is track the animals by species/gender/age/date of acquisition/date of disposal using a barcode, so I would need a barcode generator that would put the animals into the database)

I have files that I can send to group that is assigned