Course Response System


Caitie Finlayson (

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

For Catie Finlayson of the UMW Geography department, she is requesting a “course response system”.The primary purpose of this system is to allow an administrator, using an administrative account, to create and save questionsnd to present these questions, possibly multiple times, to users of the sight in real time. The administrator will be able to make multiple choice, short answer, and point-and-click map questions wherin the users will be presented with a map and asked to select a location on the map. When the administrator chooses to present these questions, users utilizing user accounts will be able to respond to the questions by accessing a specific webpage, choosing, and submitting their answers.

As the users submit their answers, the software will collect and analyze the results in near-real time. The administrator will then be able to view graphical representations of the results, including bar charts and heat maps. These results will be stored so that the administrator can view them at any time.

As additional functionality, the administrator will be able to view global statistics for questions, that is the aggregated statistics from all the times that the administrator presented the same question. Users will also be able to compare their own answers to questions coupled with comments the administrator has made available, such as the correct answers to the questions and any additional textual information the administrator sees fit.

The system must support at least 80 users and an administrator, although expanding these numbers is desirable.

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