Class Scheduler Project  



Joe Romero

Chair of Music

Associate Professor of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

Trinkle Hall Room 236
(540) 654-1340

The Class Scheduler Project is to provide a convenient, intuitive, and functional software system for scheduling classes at the University of Mary Washington for the Music. The goal of the Class Scheduler Project to provide an easier less error prone system, which also handles conflicting class schedules between professors and/or departments with more elegance. The following benefits can be expected to be realized by moving to the Class Scheduler Project solution:

  • No more emailing a document repeatedly, which will result in:
    1. Less overhead
    2. Faster initial scheduling
    3. Faster conflict resolution
    4. Less or possible no data entry errors
    5. Less data corruption errors
  • Automated Input
    1. Classes and Buildings can be pre-compiled and provided as a drop-down list
    2. Classes are typically offered in only a few different time configurations and either Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday, which can be pre-compiled and automatically filled in when requested

The department chairs’ at the University of Mary Washington main goal is to provide a consistent, reliable/functional, fast, and ultimately easy way to schedule classes every semester. Some potential objectives and goals to consider for CSP follow:

  • Automation – Any automation will allow for faster and easier class scheduling.
  • Professor Class Templates – Certain classes are offered by the same professor every semester possible at the same preferred time. Class Scheduler Project   could support automatically adding these classes.
  • Intuitive User Interface – Client described concern about Class Scheduler Project   being “too” different from the current spreadsheet system. Some end users will not be technically inclined and may not show willingness to learn a very different new system. An intuitive and easy user interface is a must. No user should have to ‘train’ to use Class Scheduler Project  ; rather, they should just easily be able to figure out the system by themselves.
  • Quality Documentation and FAQ – The last goal does not change the need for clear and concise documentation that is easy to follow and understand.
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