Catalogued And Student Workers Database System


April Wynn (

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

The requested software will assist the Dr. Wynn with keeping track and give care instructions associated to the plants in the greenhouse and phytotron and also help manage student workers and feedback to work that is completed or not completed. The software will also print out labels to identify plants and the associated information to go with the plant. Printing of labels to distinguish who the plant belongs to, care instructions, and how long it has been in the greenhouse or phyototron.

The requested software will give the user the ability to edit (add, remove, search, modify) plant and student information dynamically through a website. The requested software will be able to receive daily notifications on what is completed. Dr. Wynn will be able to use the Catalogued and Student Workers Database to make working with the plants easier for her and all others that assist with the greenhouse and phytotron.

There will be two types of users who will be using the requested software, an administrator who will be Dr. Wynn, and basic users (students). Administrator – The administrator can set student work and schedules, create labels, and modify the plant and student catalog. The administrator has all privileges of the user. Users (students) – The users are the people who use the system. They can login and display student work, set if work is completed or not, and add comments if work is not completed.

Dr.  Wynn was thinking that she could have pages/tabs for the plant collection. This could contain pictures and the information (for public viewing and searchable). Then if we could have a plant care page/tab (password protected) so that we could have that available, but not accessible to the public. Then we could have a page/tab for plants location and you could include the quarantined plants here. Then we would need a page/tab for the employees/volunteers where they could manage their information. Then we would need a duties/calendar page where we could view what needs to be done daily/weekly etc. This could also be the checklist where we could see what has been accomplished so if a student comes in later in the day they know what else needs to be finished up. Then I would need an administrator page where I could make assignments or message students about what they are doing – somewhere for me to be able to manage things on my end.

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