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Original Project Description

I’d like an easier way to manage my academic calendars.  If I could just start by entering the holidays and then have a calendar generated for M and W from, say, August 20-December 20, or Tu Th, or whatever, that would make my life easier.  Then I would like to print it.  But of course, the holidays need to appear in some special way, already marked out, before I print.

Updated description for Academic Calendar project:

On a web-server, host software to generate an academic calendar which already has pre-populated holidays, and allows the user to input data about their schedule (class days/times/days which they will be absent), and color-code those days/times so as to make them stand out. Allow the user to add personal notes to specific days. Put the calendar in a format which will allow exportation to an excel document and printing.



Requirements Team

Elimimian, Peter O.
Luebke, Chester J.
Truslow, Tyler J.


Design/Implement Team

Beavers, Duncan A.
O’Gorman, Ryan W.
Elimimian, Peter O.

Testing Team

Chris Kim
O’Gorman, Ryan W.

One thought on “Academic Calendar

  1. I want to be able to use this for the rest of my life, so if I enter that I want the MW dates for classes starting August 18 2015 and ending December 11, 2015, with holidays on October 30, November 24-26 and December 3rd, I want it to give me a table with Mondays and the dates in the first column and Wednesday and the dates in the second column with each holiday already greyed out, so I can see that it’s a day our class WOULD HAVE met, but WILL NOT meet. Ideally it will also have the month in a row, something like what I’ve typed below (but in table form). And I should be able to find the correct class meeting times regardless of what year and what holidays I enter, within the parameters of start and finish that I enter. It should also work if I only have Monday classes, or Saturday only classes or whatever.

    My phone app will not let me do this, and neither will any calendar app I’ve been able to find, and I hope you can give this to me. I’d love it on my android phone, to go with my android calendar, but even to have it on my laptop or desktop will be wonderful.

    M24 W26
    M7 W9

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