Call for Projects


When I teach this class, I put out the following call for projects

Do you need any software developed for free?

I am looking for six projects.

Some sample kind of project: inventory database, online appointment system, community database, project submission database,

Would some custom software make your life easier?  The computer science department is offering its Software Engineering course this fall and we’d love to help you.

If you have an idea for some software, please send a short paragraph describing your needs to   The project might benefit you personally, or your entire department, or an off-campus group in which you take part.

If your project is selected, a group of computer science majors will work on designing your software during the fall semester.   Projects are fully implemented, time permitting, so there’s a chance that you will receive fully functional software at the end of the semester.   Often student elect to complete projects through individual study courses so even if your project is incomplete in Dec, there’s a chance that a student would complete it during the spring semester.

By submitting an idea you agree to be the contact person for the project.  You need to be available by email, during office hours, or office phone to discuss your needs with students and review preliminary software designed.   Your time commitment is minimal by very important and truly provides students with experience working with real clients.